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Twin Tip Highlighters (5 pack)

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Double fluorescent color in one pen, these highlighters are a convenient solution for students and teachers alike. These two-color highlighters are a must-have for note-taking, studying, highlighting key points, underlining text, artistic sketching, coloring books, doodling and more.
Bonus! For every pack of highlighters purchased, another will be donated to a child in need. Thank you!
  • Includes 5 colors: purple, pink, orange, green and blue with yellow on one end of each and chisel tip on both ends
  • Pocket clip adds style and convenience while helping with organization
  • Versatile molded and narrow chisel tip allowing for two line widths: (1) broad-line for highlighting and (2) fine-line for underlining details with just a twist of the wrist
  • Provides maximum impact by instantly drawing the eye to key details and important information in a subtle but stylish way
  • Dries quickly and doesn't bleed through standard notebook, comp book, filler paper, journal, artist paper and more
  • Smear and smudge free
  • Cap color indicates ink color